How to heal blisters in home?

How to heal blisters in home?
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Oct 2011

How to heal blisters in home?
Blister home remedy
Blister home remedy
We may probably develop blister on our skin on day to day works. Such blister need immediate medical attention. Small blister can be heal by simple remedies in home and personal care. If it large you had to visit the doctor. Here are some tips, warning remedy for blister to heal at home. A small, unbroken blister [less than 1 in. (2.5 cm) across], even a blood blister, will usually heal on its own.
Leave the blister as it is, don't prick it.
Leave the blister uncovered unless something rubs against it. If you do cover it:
Use the bandage so that tape don't touch the blister. Do not wrap tape completely around a hand, arm, foot, or leg because it could cut off the blood supply if the limb swells.
If the blister is in an area where pressure is applied, such as on the bottom of your foot, protect it with a doughnut-shaped moleskin pad. Leave the area over the blister open.
The activity causing friction and wearing shoes should be avoided.
Home treatment may help decrease pain, prevent infection, and help heal large or broken blisters.
Blister can be infected so you must wash the hands with soap and water before you touch blister.
Large blisters broke and heal itself. If you large you want to drain, use the needle first rub with alcohol then gently puncture edge of blister.
If you have blister small puncture or break leave the flap skin on and gently smooth it flat.
Please don't use alcohol or iodine in blister, it is delay in healing. Some ointment may be allergic so use ointment like polymixin B or bacitracin.
Apply bandage or gauze loosely.
You may devlop rashes or itching in the skin then you must stop antibiotic ointments.
Bandage may need to change daily it get dirty. You may soak with cool water before removing it help in painless removal.
Use the sterilized needle and thread to drain the blister. If unsterilized used it cause infection of backteria.
Don't pick at it too much to avoid infection.
Covering of the blister is protecting so not try to diattach the skin.
Aloe Vera is best way to heal the blister throughout. Just rub some on the blistered area with the aloe vera and it should go away in a couple of days to a week.
Visit the doctor if you have amount of pus drainage ,it is red, swollen and infected
If blister contains blood then it may cause injury in most serious capillaries. Be aware as it tends to infect.
Use the dettol and similar disinfectant for personal use to clean wound.